Cape Town Summer Camp is behind us. Thank you to the exceptional participants from 7 fascinating countries.

Where will FeHL 2013 be?
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Benefits for Participants from Developing Countries:

Learn from people and mentors with considerable experience establishing eHealth as a priority.

They are involved in numerous types of eHealth in developing and European countries that have embarked on the ambitious mission to transform healthcare delivery through eHealth.

Benefits for Participants from Developed Countries:

Learn from developing country leaders, mentors and innovators.

There are many different approaches, all of which provide opportunities to learn about leadership and eHealth and create networks for future learning and personal development.

Expand your ability to use eHealth to support meaningful health service strengthening. Enhance your personal leadership skills and develop skills to lead now and into the future.

Exposure to a wide range of international practices will provide you with dynamic learning experiences and unique new outlooks.

Innovative healthcare providers, eHealth organisations and companies in Europe and Southern Africa support the Future eHealth Leaders Summer Camp.